Trump, first lady attend Christmas Eve service in Florida

Just after the start of the 10:30 p.m. worship service, the president and first lady arrived and sat in third row from the front. The congregation gave them a standing

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Trump in Palm Beach: Melania and Barron already at Mar-a-Lago

Barron Trump reported seeing them on Tuesday night at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. A seminar by the World Affairs Council was being attended by The Palm Beach Daily News. Trump's

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Exclusive: Local woman says Trump groped her

Mindy McGillivray shared it for more than ten years with only a small circle of friends and family. Sunday night was a different day. Sunday night was a different day.

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Trump in Palm Beach: President’s helicopter arrives. Will he use it?

A huge Air Force transport plane flew over Mar-a-Lago Sunday afternoon before landing at Palm Beach International Airport where it delivered the presidential helicopter. But the delivery of the helicopter

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BREAKING: Man arrested in 2013 murder of Dreyfoos school janitors

Javier Burgos has been the main suspect in the shooting deaths of Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts janitors June 2013, for nearly four years. After being brought back

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JUST IN: Crash with alligator sends woman’s car into wipeout on I-75

Jennifer Rosinski survived Tuesday’s deadly encounter with an alligator. Jennifer Rosinski’s Ford Escape hit the alligator when it attempted to cross Interstate 75 near North Port, Sarasota Couonty, late Tuesday,

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Trump ends Palm Beach visit with golf; says he will return for Easter

Donald Trump concluded his sixth and most important presidential visit to Mar-a-Lago by playing golf at his nearby course, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson & United Nations Ambassador Nikki

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West Palm woman saying goodbye to man when she was murdered

According to an arrest report, a 21-year old woman was about to leave the area and say goodbye to her ex-roommate. The man inexplicably stabbed it repeatedly in West Palm

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West Palm’s perfect traffic storm — Trump, boat show, bridge construction

There is no word yet as to whether President Trump will visit town next weekend. Traffic around South Ocean Boulevard would be reduced, as well as traffic to the south

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Russian oligarch responds to Trump airport connection

Dmitry Rybolovlev, a Russian oligarch, confirmed that his plane and President Donald Trump shared the Charlotte tarmac five days prior to the general election. He said that he was there

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