First Zika virus case in Palm Beach County reported

Zika arrived in Palm Beach County. Officials from the state health department announced Wednesday that a local resident was infected by the mosquito-borne disease while on vacation outside the United

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Democrat Randy Perkins garners $1.35 million in first month for congressional bid

Democrat Randy Perkins raked in a staggering $1.35million during his first month as a candidate for Congress, his campaign announced Monday. This politically unattached, independent wealthy novice raised approximately $425,000

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Tri-Rail train splits garbage truck in Lake Worth; 22 injured

After a Tri-Rail train struck it near Sixth Avenue, a disabled city garbage truck was cut in half. Just before 7 a.m., the garbage truck stopped on the tracks. According

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Betting big on New Hampshire, Jeb Bush launches new TV ad

Jeb bush has retracted TV advertising in Iowa, South Carolina, and he is still saturating the airwaves here in New Hampshire. Tomorrow's Bush campaign will air a 30-second spot called

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Koch brother to host Marco Rubio fundraiser in Palm Beach

Bill Koch, a billionaire Palm Beach philanthropist, will host a fundraiser next month for Sen. Marco Rubio's Republican presidential Campaign at Koch's South Ocean Boulevard home -- less than half

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FESTIVUS FOR…. ALL OF US? With religious wars gone silent, Festivus pole stands tall at Florida’s Capitol

A rainbow-striped Festivus pole, inspired by the TV show Seinfeld's fictional holiday, has been the most prominent sign of the season at a Florida Capitol. The Capitol's religious wars are

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Police: Man accused of murder went to strip club after to clear mind

Rodney Chavers, 42, was shot and killed in Riviera Beach by police. Rodney Chavers, 41, told a group men that he went to a strip club nearby to "get his

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Remembering Scott Zervitz: ‘The best thing that ever happened to me’

Scott Mitchell Zervitz was a Baltimore sports fan and a lover of Maryland-style crab cakes. He was also a salesman and husband to Leslie Gray Streeter (The Post's pop culture

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Justices can also take legislators to the woodshed.

The Florida Supreme Court justices ruled that the Legislature's redistricting map was invalidated by their 5-2 ruling, according to a plaintiff in this case. In rare instances of intra-court tension,

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New law gives renters 30 days to leave

Governor Rick Scott signed 17 bills. HB 779 was one of 17 bills signed by Gov. Rick Scott. It protects renters from being evicted quickly. The bill was unanimously passed

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