Phony dentist ran ‘grills’ practice at West Palm flea market

PBPO News:

After allegedly offering unlicensed dental services to undercover officers at the Sunshine Flea Market, suburban West Palm Beach, a Fort Pierce man is now in Palm Beach County Jail

Israeli native Yousef Abuelhawa is being charged with operating a nonregistered laboratory, practicing dental hygiene without licensure, and controlling dental equipment. Abuelhawa (43), is being held in lieu of $9,000 bail.

Abuelhawa owns “Best Grillz in Town” and operates the flea market at West Palm Shopping Center, Forest Hill Boulevard and Military Trail. According to an arrest report, undercover officers from Palm Beach County visited the practice on May 8th and May 7.

Abuelhawa, a May 7th visit, allegedly offered $250 for custom-made gold teeth overlays (also known as grills). According to the report, both undercover officers claimed that they did not see any sterilization or cleaning equipment used for dental procedures during their visits.

After receiving a complaint from the Florida Department of Health, the sheriff’s office took legal action against Abuelhawa. According to state records, neither Abuelhawa nor the business were licensed.