Scott signs bill rewriting Jeb’s pension sweetener, guns and body camera legislation

PBPO News:

An overhaul of the pension benefits for firefighters and police officers was approved by former Gov. Governor Rick Scott signed 44 bills into law on Thursday. Rick Scott.

The municipal pension changes were a result of years of conflict between cities and unions. However, they were approved amid growing concerns about the costs of benefits, which Bush has now accepted as a possible presidential candidate.

Bush signed the pension sweeteners as his first law into effect. They were a payback to support police and firefighter unions in his 1998 victory over Buddy MacKay.

Scott signed SB 172, which basically rewrites state legislation to include terms of a state Department of Management Services interpretation of pension benefits.

Cities were allowed to provide additional benefits for union members if they can prove that there is not enough tax money. The bill increases the minimum accrual rate and caps overtime hours to calculate police benefits.

Scott also signed SB 290, which allows weapons to be carried without permits for the first 48-hours following a mandatory evacuation order (e.g. during a hurricane).

Gun-carriers can still seek shelter in a shelter if they are looking for housing. Gun-carriers would need to look for shelter in a shelter or refuge from the public, as schools and other public buildings prohibit weapons entry.

Scott also signed SB 248, a measure that allows body camera recordings made by law enforcement officials in certain circumstances to be exempted from public records, into law.

The move was supported by residents who felt it was necessary to preserve privacy when officers enter a residence to investigate a complaint. Critics warned that the exemption could be misused and shield recordings could prove to be significant in the event of claims of excessive force by law enforcement.

However, law enforcement lobbyists claim that the exemption will encourage wider use of body cams.