Next week, Obama and Clinton plan to swing through Florida in fundraising efforts

PBPO News:

Florida Democratic donors, please open your bank accounts.

Barack Obama will raise big money for the Democratic National Committee in Miami next Wednesday, just a day before Hillary Clinton starts her first Florida fundraising swing as 2016 presidential candidate, with stops in Miami Parkland, Orlando, and Parkland.

On May 27, the president will attend a $10,000 per-plate dinner at Stephen Bittel’s Miami home. Bittel, a Miami real estate baron, bundled between $200,000 to $500,000 for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. Couples can eat for $15,000, while $33,400 donors receive a spot on the event’s host committee.

Obama will then attend a $33,400-ahead “discussion” at Joe Falk’s Miami home. Joe Falk was a mortgage broker who has bundled at least $500,000 to Obama’s benefit in 2012.

Clinton arrives in South Florida on the next day. He will attend two “Conversations With Hillary” in Miami, which are open to donors who have given $2,700. Clinton will attend a $2,700 conversation at Marilyn and Michael Moskowitz’ Parkland home on May 29. Their son, Jared Moskowitz (D-Parkland), is also hosting.

Clinton departs South Florida for the $2,700-ahead event at John Morgan’s home, a trial lawyer and proponent of medical marijuana.

All Clinton fundraisers have $50,000 bundlers tagged “hosts”, and those raising $27,000 are called “co-hosts”. Both hosts and co-hosts can attend receptions with Clinton.