Bill Johnson, director of Palm Beach County’s emergency operations center, worries predictions have subdued forecast for the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season

PBPO News:

Director of Palm Beach County’s emergency operation center, Bill Johnson, fears that predictions such as yesterday’s subdued forecasts for the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season won’t be enough to encourage preparation.

NOAA predicts 11 named storms but 0-2 major hurricanes of winds at 111 mph and higher.

A 70% chance that the season will be lower than average is also possible.

Matt Morgan, staff writer at The Palm Beach Post, notes that today’s forecast is lukewarm. This follows predictions made by Phil Kotzbach and William Gray, Colorado State forecasters. They also predict a season without 12 named storms.

Johnson stated that none of the above is “sexy” in an interview with The Post last Wednesday about trying to draw attention on storm preparations in light of a lazy summer forecast. The truth is that the critic of restaurants isn’t going to save you, but this stuff will.

Johnson talks to as many groups possible about having a 3-day supply of water and food during hurricane season. He also shows photos of his home that was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew.

Johnson stated, “So, we’re speaking with groups of 40-60 people, and there are 1.3 million people we need to reach.” Johnson stated, “I don’t believe the message is getting out in the way that we need.”

The Post has a 24-page section on Sunday that provides more information about hurricane preparation. It includes everything you need to secure your home.

Jeff Atwater, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, issued Wednesday’s storm preparedness note. He focused on insurance and small business preparations.

A special consumer helpline activates whenever a hurricane, tropical storm or severe tornado strikes Florida. This number can be used to get assistance with any insurance issue. This number is 1-800-227-8676.