Senate OK’s Health Expansion, ready to face a brick wall at the House

PBPO News:

Faced with a political wall in the state House’s House, the Senate approved Wednesday’s privatized Medicaid expansion. It argued that uninsured Floridians need coverage to help pay for their healthcare and also to finance the state’s economy.

The House is now poised to kill Florida’s Health Insurance Exchange. Speaker Steve Crisafulli, Gov. Rick Scott condemned the “expansion Obamacare.”

The Senate approved the measure 33-3.

However, Senate President Andy Gardiner stated that lawmakers will quickly pivot to crafting a budget for the year starting July 1st after today’s expected formal reject by House members.

Gardiner (R-Orlando) said, “At the final day, we must do a budget.” It’s not about personalities, lawsuits or threats. It’s not our money; it’s the taxpayers’ money. We will get the job done.”