Police: Man accused of murder went to strip club after to clear mind

PBPO News:

Rodney Chavers, 42, was shot and killed in Riviera Beach by police. Rodney Chavers, 41, told a group men that he went to a strip club nearby to “get his mind off” of what had happened.

November 13th, Riviera Beach police officers were patrolling West 4th Street near the 500 block of West 4th Street. The bullets struck the pavement near the 500 block West 4th Street . According to the police report, two shell casings were discovered at the scene.

Palm Beach County Jail
Rodney Chavers

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Witnesses said that Chavers went 10 miles south to Sugar Daddy’s Gentlemen Club, suburban West Palm Beach, to clear his head after evidence was found at the scene. Police said that Chavers gave an unidentified firearm to a friend once he got inside the club. Police said that the man admitted it was strange for him to give the weapon to an acquaintance, but he did so because he believed Chavers wanted to go to a “lap dance” or get a drink.

The man became concerned about being caught with the gun after a while, and he decided to go find Chavers, who, according to the report, had begun fighting in the club.

Police said that Chavers asked a group men to drive him home after he was arrested for bringing a firearm. They told police that even though they didn’t know Chavers personally, the driver offered to take him home. According to the report, Chavers pulled out his gun and ejected nine rounds of ammunition with a capacity of 17 rounds. The magazine was then returned to the firearm.

Chavers told the driver and passengers that he had punched Wilder in the face, and Chavers went to the club to clear his head.

According to witnesses, Chavers fell asleep on the road to Riviera Beach with the firearm in hand. According to police, the driver claimed that he pulled the vehicle over at a station and then got out of his car to call 911 around 5 AM.

Chavers, who is facing one charge of second-degree murder, appeared in court Tuesday morning. Judge Joseph Marx placed Chavers, a Riviera Beach man, in solitary confinement. He gave a kiss to the crowd as he was led out of courtroom in handcuffs.

Chavers was acquitted of several charges, including domestic battery and carrying concealed weapons. This arrest occurred over ten years ago.