Boca man accused in DUI crash that killed MMA fighter denied bond reduction

PBPO News:

Jordan Parsons’ family and friends were relieved when he was informed that the man accused in the death of the 25-year old fighter in MMA was required to pay $450,000 in order to be released from Palm Beach County jail.

When Circuit Judge John Kastrenakes denied Dennis Wright’s request for a bond decrease, there were cheers and whistles in the courtroom. Kastrenakes pointed out that Wright, 28-years-old, of Boca Raton, was a frequent traffic offender who had eight times failed to appear before the court on previous charges. He said that Wright wasn’t a risk for house arrest.

Kastrenakes stated that “despite this young man’s apparent responsibility in our community (as a business owner), his behaviour in the past was irresponsible.” Wright’s past history of disregarding court orders “tells us that this person doesn’t follow the rules of society and the rules of court.”

Wright faces a possible 70 year sentence in prison for various charges related to Parson’s murder. Wright was arrested after Parson, a rising mixed martial arts champion, died from injuries sustained when he was struck by a Range Rover on Federal Highway at Lindell Boulevard at speeds up to 110 mph. Robert Resnick, Wright’s lawyer, stated that there are still questions about Wright’s involvement in the accident. He said that Parsons was struck by a silver sports car with two doors.

Laura Burkhart, Assistant State Attorney, disagreed. Witnesses claim Wright was driving Range Rover, and she claims there is video showing Wright discussing the accident. She said Wright had been at Sunfest for the day and then went to Delray bars. She said that Wright ignored her pleas to not drive and he lied to friends about his impairment.

Kastrenakes was informed by Wright’s mother Patricia Faller that they don’t have the funds to raise $450,000 for Wright’s release. Faller stated that family and friends have pledged between $10,000 and $15,000. Wright claimed that he has not received any income from the medical marketing company he owns since his arrest. Resnick claimed Wright and his mother weren’t wealthy but Wright admitted that he split the rent for a condominium at $4,000-$5,00 per month. Faller stated that the Range Rover’s monthly payment is approximately $985.

Resnick stated that while Wright was working, he made a lot of money, but wasn’t saving any. Resnick said that he will be returning to court to ask for Wright’s bond to be reduced.

Linton Vassell was one of Parsons’ colleagues on the Boca Raton team that trains. He said he was happy with Kastrenakes’ ruling. He said, “Justice has been served.”