Florida’s Grayson: At least they’re not calling me Hitler

PBPO News:

ORLANDO (AP) — His Senate opponent has referred to Democrat Alan Grayson as “Angry Alan”, a reference to Republican Donald Trump’s penchant for making headlines with his mouth. He has also become the focal point for Washington party members who hope he loses Florida’s primary.
He said that things could get worse.

“At least they aren’t calling me the Adolph Hitler for the Democratic Senate race. They haven’t yet gone that far. Grayson, a Jewish man, stated that it was only a matter time before they accuse him of necrophilia and cannibalism during a Saturday interview at a Florida Democratic Party fundraising dinner. “Nobody buys this!”

Grayson, a not-so-angry candidate against the establishment, made his way through the crowd of activists, top Democratic donors and elected officials. He was friendly and kind, and told U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro that he could do anything for him while he was here.

Ironically, Patrick Murphy, a Republican-backed candidate for Congress, didn’t attend Florida Democratic Party’s fundraising dinner. His campaign wouldn’t say why.

Grayson has been repeatedly criticized by Murphy over ethical concerns about Grayson’s management of a Cayman Islands hedge fund. This has made the Democratic primary more nasty. Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader, has called on Grayson to resign from the race, claiming that he lacks a moral compass. As has the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden endorsed Murphy.

Grayson was called bombastic. Grayson cursed in a live interview on television while critiquing a New York Times article about the alleged ethics violations. He is well-known for cursing at reporters.

Grayson stated, “I’m speaking what other people think and no one else is saying.” Grayson’s inflammatory remarks are a source of criticism for many. He said he would stop taking his words literally. He said that the Republican health plan would allow you to “die quickly” when you are sick.

“Did that really make me think that this was their health insurance plan?” Jonathan Swift wrote a book on the subject and believed that the Irish should eat their children. No. That’s satire. He said that he assumed that voters are intelligent enough to comprehend figures of speech, hyperbole and metaphors — tools of public communication that have been lost to the wayside. “I don’t feel that I have to pay a cost for being interesting.”

Grayson’s temperament is still an issue with the Murphy campaign. Grayson also notes that Grayson does a lot name-calling. Grayson calls Murphy a “sock puppet” regularly and claims that he is the establishment choice because Murphy is obedient.

Grayson’s schoolyard insults are lame and far from the truth. Grayson launched misleading and negative attacks against Patrick on the day he announced his campaign,” Murphy spokeswoman Galia, Slayen stated in an email. Grayson enjoys watching himself on TV. But when the stakes are high, and voters are watching, Grayson can judge people. Alan Grayson fails to pass the test because he uses bullying and angry tactics to hide the truth.

Grayson and Murphy are running for the seat Republican Marco Rubio has given up on after his disastrous presidential campaign. The Republicans who are running for the seat are Ron DeSantis and David Jolly, Congressmen. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Carlos Berufff, and Todd Wilcox are the businessmen.

Despite Murphy being supported by many within the Democratic party establishment, the state party chairwoman Allison Tant and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, as well as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Florida Congresswoman, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, all stated Saturday that they would be happy with Grayson becoming the nominee, should he win the Aug. 30-primary.

Wasserman-Schultz stated that Alan Grayson is a friend and that if he wins, he will be my nominee.