Mike Murgio, a member of the school board, is indicted in a bribery scheme

PBPO News:

On Thursday, Mike Murgio, a Palm Beach County School Board member was arrested by FBI agents on charges of participating in a scheme to hide a son’s illegal bitcoin exchange.

Murgio, 65 years old, was taken into custody Thursday morning at his Palm Beach Gardens home and released on bail. Murgio will be appearing in federal court in New York next Wednesday.

Murgio was arrested 10 months after Anthony R. Murgio was indicted for operating an unlicensed money transfer business that used bitcoins as a means to launder money for online criminals.

Federal prosecutors claim that Michael Murgio and his son paid bribes in 2014 to the Jackson credit union chairman in order to seize control.

Anthony Murgio and his accomplices operated the credit union “as an underground bank for their illegal bitcoin exchange,” according to a federal indictment.

Prosecutors claim that Anthony Murgio, a Palm Beach Gardens High School graduate, founded a bitcoin company in 2013. It laundered at most $1.8 million in virtual currency for thousands.

The arrest of Murgio on Thursday rocked the Palm Beach County School district, who released a statement stating that the charges did not seem to relate to his official duties.

Schools Superintendent Robert Avossa stated that the matter was personal and not related to his responsibilities as a member of the school board or any school district business.

Governor Rick Scott could suspend Murgio’s office because of his indictment. Rick Scott. Scott’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

Murgio’s bid for reelection could be affected by the arrest. The former principal and chief school district construction officer was elected in 2012. He maintained that he would be running for reelection in august. Ellen Baker, a teacher from Dwyer High School filed last week to run against him.

Murgio didn’t respond to our requests for comment on Thursday. However, the law firm representing Murgio stated that he would not plead guilty at his New York arraignment.

Stuart Kaplan, Palm Beach Gardens attorney, stated that “we are confident that once all the facts and circumstances are revealed, the evidence will prove Mr. Murgio not guilty of these charges as laid out in the indictment.”