Disney World puts up fences at lake where alligator attacked toddler

PBPO News:

After a toddler was killed by an alligator, Disney World built fences around the water near its Grand Floridian Resort in Orlando.

Three days after Lane Graves, a two-year-old boy from Nebraska, was pulled from the Seven Seas Lagoon’s shallows by an alligator, the fences were erected on Friday.

Along with the fences, a sign was posted warning of snakes and alligators. Before, signs only advised guests to not swim in the waters.

Although the fences look like they are made from rope and wooden posts, Disney officials stated that a permanent solution was in the works.

They stated that they are currently installing temporary barriers and signage at resort beach locations, and that they are looking into permanent, long-term solutions for their beaches.

“We are continuing to evaluate the processes and procedures of our entire property. We are strengthening training with our cast to report sightings and interactions to wildlife, and expanding our communication with guests on this topic.”

This isn’t a new problem. A 2009 video shows a Disney World employee pushing an alligator into a stream near Splash Mountain, which is a popular attraction at the park.

The video shows the employee trying to keep the reptile alive in the water while guests are oblivious and enter and leave the ride from a distance of only a few metres.

Many people are asking if the company should’ve done it earlier.

An ex-employe claimed that he suggested adding fencing along the waterfront but was ignored.