Florida man throws salsa bowl at car during road rage

PBPO News:

Officers say that a Florida man threw a jar of salsa at an automobile to add some spice to the case of road rage.

According to WFTS reports, Jason Drew was taken into custody by the Florida Highway Patrol after his victim’s car refused to allow him to merge. Drew is facing charges of throwing a deadly weapon at a moving vehicle, and causing damage to property.

Officers believe Drew claimed that the victim tried to run him off the road. WFTS reports that the salsa jar struck the passenger-side window of the other vehicle during the road rage.

Drew was being held on a $5,000 bond.

Florida is not unfamiliar with road rage. A bystander captured video in May of a Florida driver smashing into a motorcycle and fleeing. In April, a South Florida motorcyclist and driver engaged in a chase that reached 100 mph.