JUST IN: Student with two guns arrested at Palm Beach Lakes

PBPO News:

A recorded phone call was made to parents by Palm Beach Lakes high school principal David Alfonso, who stated that they had received an anonymous tip about a student having a weapon on campus. The student fled from the school on Military Trail south of 45th Street, according to school police and administrators. Alfonso stated that the student was captured across the street.

According to school police and administrators, the teenager ran away from the school on Military Trail south of 45th Street.
According to Alfonso, the pupil was apprehended across the street.

Two guns were found by school officers near the area from which the student fled. The student was taken into custody and could be expelled. The student was arrested and could be expelled.

Police from the school discovered two weapons not far from where the pupil ran.
The pupil was detained and may now face expulsion.
The student was detained and may now face expulsion
“I review the four guidelines at Lakes every day.
The fourth rule, according to him, was to “Protect this House.””
Please alert an administration, teacher, adult, or parent if you see or overhear anything.
Our students are heard on our campus and are given protection.
Terrance McMillian, 17, was detained for entering the Palm Beach County jail with a loaded gun.
He appeared in court for the first time.