Who’s using Trump helicopter sitting on Mar-a-Lago helipad?

PBPO News:

Before Donald Trump was elected president, Palm Beach was off-limits to aircraft landing. The Marines’ request for the construction of a helipad to house Marine One, the presidential helicopter, was granted by the town council.

The helipad must be taken down after the president leaves office. Up until then, only official presidential business may be conducted on the helipad.

Both DT Connect II Member Corp and DT Connect II Member Corp are the owners of the helicopter that is now parked on the pad. The president’s sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr. are executives at these businesses, according to state corporate documents.

Is the president conducting formal White House business at Mar-a-Lago using a Trump company helicopter? If so, will the Trump firms run by Trump’s sons seek compensation so they can utilize the money for official White House business?

The Secret Service forwarded these inquiries to the White House. According to Raj Shah, a spokesman for the White House, neither the Marines nor the White House made any requests for, participated in, or paid for the building of the helicopter pad.

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Local officials asserted that they are unaware of the user of this helipad.

Gail Coniglio, mayor of the city, expressed her need to know who and why used the helicopter. “So be it if that’s the case and it’s being used for official business.”

As the battalion commander of Palm Beach Fire-Rescue, Sean Baker said, “We get called to Mar-a-Lago whenever the Secret Service requires us.” He added that he is unaware of who is operating the chopper.

Trump’s four children and nine grandkids visited Palm Beach to celebrate the holidays, as is well known. Trump played golf on at least seven of those days, including Saturday.

White House employees Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and their offspring work there

The helipad debate took place at the Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve celebration in 2016. At that time, the identical Trump chopper was parked on the lawn by the estate’s lake

At its meeting on January 10, the Town Council gave its approval to the resolution to change the aviation ban. John Randolph, the town attorney, advised that authorization only be granted “for work connected to the office and president.”

At Mar-a-Lago, a private helicopter lands and uses the helipad.

Soon after, the council and National Trust for Historic Preservation authorized the construction of a 50-foot-tall helipad on Trump’s 17.5-acre west lawn.

The council received complaints from locals and neighbors who felt there should have been more notice before changing the aviation ban and constructing a helipad.

Bringing Marine One in with the president on board is one thing. It’s quite another to fly in private helicopters or helicopters without the president on board, an attorney for Nancy deMoss of Palm Beach, Jesse Diner, argued during a Landmarks Preservation Commission meeting. Therefore, only Marine One should be utilized when the president is on it, according to the restriction on its use.

They were worried about the Mar-a-Lago helipad being used privately by relatives, friends, and Mar-a-Lago employees.

The ban on helicopters, according to Palm Beach resident Alexander Ives, was put in place to protect the quality of life there.

This is a problem with the rule of law, Ives said in a letter to the Palm Beach Daily News.

Residents and staff in the town hoped Trump would use the helicopterpad to land Marine One while he was on his way from Miami to Palm Beach International Airport. The helipad was supposed to assist lessen traffic, it was thought. The motorcade is still obstructing traffic.

The helipad was constructed in February and first utilized by the same Trump business chopper in April. Although the user of that chopper is unknown, it was not the president.

The Secret Service warned the Associated Press in April that the president is not permitted to travel by private helicopter.

There are additional queries: If the Trump corporate chopper was utilized for legitimate presidential activity, would Trump’s businesses be compensated?

What is the formal business of the presidency? The Town Council made no recommendations.

When the first private helicopter landed in April, the town manager, Tom Bradford, declared that he considered “everything related to the POTUS” to be presidential business.