Exclusive: Local woman says Trump groped her

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Mindy McGillivray shared it for more than ten years with only a small circle of friends and family.

Sunday night was a different day. Sunday night was a different day.

Trump responded, “No, I haven’t,”

McGillivray, who was at home in Palm Springs watching McGillivray, said that she rose from her sofa and shouted at the TV screen “You liar !”’.”

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McGillivray, 36 years old, claimed that she was groped at Mar-a-Lago by Trump 13 years ago. She claimed she didn’t report it to authorities.

Many McGillivrays claim that she is leaving the country

Ken Davidoff, Ken’s companion on that day, vividly recalls McGillivray pulling him aside after the alleged incident, and telling him: ”Donald just grabbed me!”

The New York Times reported Wednesday, that Trump groped two more women — one who was on the same flight with him 30 years ago and one who met him outside an elevator at Trump Tower.

The Post reached out to Trump’s campaign for comment on McGillivray’s story.

Heartland verdict: Trump’s still in it

Davidoff claims that it was January 24, 2003 when he took photographs at Mar-a-Lago while Ray Charles performed. Bob Davidoff was for many years the Kennedys’ preferred photographer in Palm Beach.

Ken Davidoff stated that he brought McGillivray along to assist him at the concert. She was responsible for keeping the numbered names plates of all Davidoffs photographed.

Mar-a-Lago’s official photographer was the Davidoffs, which they did after Trump demanded that he receive 20 percent of their proceeds. Ken Davidoff stated that this deal was only possible because Trump insisted that the Davidoffs be allowed to photograph Mar-a-Lago.

McGillivray was 23 years old at the time. She said that it was one of six or five times she had helped Davidoff with photo shoots at Mar-a-Lago.

“Ken said, ‘We’re going backstage. Ray Charles will be there. He was one my idols. “Ken wanted a photo of Ray and me, but it didn’t happen due to all his bodyguards.

Davidoff and McGillivray stood in a pavilion in the middle of a crowd after the show. According to Davidoff, Regis Philbin was standing to their left with Joy, his wife. McGillivray was immediately to the right of Melania Trump, his fiancee.

Ray has already performed. He is ready to go. McGillivray said that he was ready to say goodbye to everyone.

“All of a sudden, I felt a grab and a slight nudge. It was Ken’s camera bag that I felt, and that is what it is. Donald is there when I look around. He looked at me quickly and sort of turned his back. “I quickly turned around and faced Ray Charles. I am stunned.”

McGillivray stated that she remembers thinking to herself, “OK, am I going now to make a scene? Or stay silent?”

Davidoff claimed he didn’t witness the alleged groping, but he stated that he had never had reason to doubt McGillivray.

McGillivray denied that she had ever felt Trump’s presence. McGillivray said, “This was a very good nudge. She said it was more of a grab. It was right in the middle of my butt. I was shocked. I jumped.”

She claimed that she had met Trump twice before at Mar-a-Lago in 2001, when she assisted Davidoff with a New Year’s Eve party.

Donald caught her as she was leaving a bathroom, just before I went downstairs. He says, “It’s cool, isn’t ?”’ he said, mocking him. He had this debonair voice. She said, “He was flirting with me.”

“And then Melania comes to save the day. She sees me. Because it was cold New Year’s Eve, she had on this shawl. She twirls the shawl around her neck, and then she storms off to the bathroom. He went after me and I did a quick pivot.

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McGillivray has never been to Trump since the alleged groping incident. McGillivray said that the incident was something she and her family, along with the Davidoffs, would talk about over the years, sometimes laughing about.

She said that she began telling her story to more people after Trump won the presidency race. Davidoff found a photo of Trump and Charles that his father had taken in 2003.

“He sent it me and was like, “Remember that night?” “Oh, yeah. ,”’ McGillivray told me that I still remember that night.

McGillivray told Cooper that Trump had never groped any woman during Sunday’s debate. Davidoff helped her reach out to The Palm Beach Post as well as a Hillary Clinton campaign office located on Lake Worth Road.

She is aware that her past could be scrutinized. According to her, she has been convicted of two felonies and numerous traffic violations over the years. When she was 17, she was charged with breaking into school buildings. She was sentenced to probation. In 2012, she was charged with DUI and child neglect for a child that was in her car. She was found guilty of a misdemeanor.

She is not affiliated with any party and has registered to vote. She stated that Bernie Sanders would be a great choice for her, but she will vote for Clinton.

She stated that it was important to “set a good example” for her daughter. It’s a matter of respect for all women. You should not be silent if you experience something similar.

This story was contributed by Melanie Mena, a staff researcher.