Trump ends Palm Beach visit with golf; says he will return for Easter

PBPO News:

Donald Trump concluded his sixth and most important presidential visit to Mar-a-Lago by playing golf at his nearby course, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson & United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke out about U.S. plans for Syria following Thursday’s Trump-ordered missile strike.

According to a Palm Beach Daily News exclusive Sunday report, Trump told his guests at Trump International Golf Club that he will be returning to Palm Beach this Easter weekend.

Trump spent five hours at Trump International, unincorporated West Palm Beach for his Palm Sunday. According to Shannon Donnelly, Palm Beach Daily News Society Editor, the president played in two foursomes and then ordered a salad from the club room.

Trump was also present at the club and took the time to tweet that the U.S. “strongly condemned” the bombings of Coptic Christian churches in Egypt earlier in the day.

Trump left the golf course and returned to Mar-a-Lago after about 90 minutes. He then headed towards Palm Beach International Airport.

The vehicles slowed down as the presidential motorcade crossed over the Intracoastal waterway at around 4:15 p.m. Trump did not get out of his car nor roll down his windows, but could be seen giving a thumbs up and saying “thank you” for supporters on the south side of Southern Boulevard near Olive Avenue.

Trump’s supporters said that they supported his decision to bomb Syria’s military bases.

Bruce Langmaid, Palm Beach: “It’s great to have a president who has cojones.”

Wayne D’Angelo, Palm Beach Gardens, said that he believed he did the right things with Syria. “If Obama was there, he would probably have given them $3billion and asked them to stop doing it again… Trump let them know that America is no longer who it used to.

Further west, the motorcade passed protesters near Dreher park. This group was smaller than previous weeks and included protesters holding signs spelling out “Loser” and “Liar”.

Air Force One flew to Washington at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Trump’s most historic visit to the White House in his tropical region was his latest.

e Trump met with his top advisors in Mar-a-Lago shortly before he ate with the Chinese leader. He gave his final approval to launch Tomahawk missiles against a Syrian airbase in response to the chemical attack on Syria earlier in this week.

e Gorsuch will be sworn into office Monday.

U.S. Rep. Brian Mast (R-Palm City) said, “This week was win.” “He has clearly shown that he will do the things he promises to do domestically. His actions in Syria, layered upon his domestic policies, will give Iran, North Korea, and any other actorpause.

Tillerson and Haley were on Sunday morning’s shows to discuss the U.S. strategy for the region.

Haley stated that there is no way to guarantee that a political solution can be reached with Assad as the head of the government.

Tillerson stated, “Once the fight against ISIS is over, and that is conclusive, then we will turn our attention towards cease-fire agreements between regime and opposition forces.”

“And in this regard, we are hopeful we can work together with Russia and use our influence to achieve areas for stabilization throughout Syria. We also create conditions for a Geneva-based political process in which all parties can be engaged on a path forward. We believe that the fate of Bashar al Assad will be decided by the Syrian people through this political process.

Rubio spoke in a later segment of the ABC show and said that he listened to the interview. “I guess Secretary Tillerson will have on your program today. And I’m a little concerned about the outline of the strategy as I understand it. It’s based upon assumptions that, quite frankly, aren’t the right ones. I hope they will reconsider the idea of getting rid of ISIS. Then we’ll hopefully use Assad to find a solution. It’s not going too well.