Report: 6 confirm writer’s story of Trump assault at Mar-a-Lago

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According to People magazine’s online story, six people can now confirm a writer’s account of events surrounding the alleged assault by Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, in 2005. This includes Melania Trump’s meeting that Melania denies ever taking place.

They are close friends and colleagues of Natasha Stoynoff (former People writer), who claimed that Trump forced her to kiss her while she was working on a People story in 2005. Melania Trump was also greeted her with a hug after the incident and asked her why she didn’t see Melania anymore.

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Last week Melania Trump addressed Stoynoff’s allegations about her husband. She called them “false” and “completely fictionalized” in a letter that Charles Harder, Trump’s lawyer wrote.

“Mrs. Trump never met Ms. Stoynoff in the street. She also did not have any conversations with her.” According to the letter, the two were not friends. Melania Trump also denied the encounter in an interview with Anderson Cooper, CNN, Monday.

According to People, a friend who knew Stoynoff from college confirmed that they met on the street. According to the story, Liza Herz claimed that Stoynoff and her were in New York City together after the alleged assault during which they met Melania Trump. Herz stated that they chatted in a friendly manner. “And what struck my most was Melania being pregnant and wearing heels.

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Stoynoff’s People story describes Trump’s encounter during a Mar-a-Lago assignment to write about his wife and pregnant wife in December 2005.

Trump closed the door behind us as we entered that room alone. Stoynoff wrote that he turned around and within seconds, he was pushing me against a wall and forcing my tongue down my throat.

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Trump repeatedly denied the story, most recently striking back at Stoynoff during the campaign trail with the statement: “She lies!” “Look at her! I don’t believe so.”

People reports that “five additional witnesses” also supported Stoynoff’s account about her encounter with Trump in today’s story. They include a woman who has been friends with Stoynoff over 25 years and People’s east-coast editor.

People was told by Stoynoff that Trump may have forgotten about the incident. Stoynoff stated that it’s possible Trump doesn’t recall the incident. It was more than 10 years ago, and I believe I am one of many, many females.