‘I voted from space’: Lone American off planet casts ballot

PBPO News:

CAPE CANAVERAL (Fla.) — A single American has cast his vote in space. This is in keeping with NASA’s motto “Vote while your float.”

NASA announced Monday that Shane Kimbrough, an astronaut from NASA, had submitted his ballot for Tuesday’s presidential election at the International Space Station. This was sometime in the last few days. He arrived at orbiting laboratory in mid-October.

Kimbrough stated that the four-month mission would be unique, and that it would allow him to “I voted in space” before he launched.

America will be able to elect a new commander-in-chief by the time he returns to Earth in February. He said that astronauts are “pretty much non-political”, as he stated to reporters last month. “And I’ll gladly welcome the new president,” he said.

NASA reports that Kate Rubins (the previous resident of the U.S. Space Station) also cast an absentee vote from up there before returning to Earth one week ago.

U.S. astronauts can vote from space thanks to a Texas law in 1997. NASA astronauts call Houston home when they aren’t circling the globe. Mission Control in Houston forwards an electronic ballot to the astronauts. It is then returned to the county clerk by email.

Kimbrough will share the space station with two Russians. At the end of next week, the crew will be doubled in size, with an additional American, Russian, and Frenchman.