After filming police officers running stop signs, a man goes back and forth between Delray police and his neighbor.

PBPO News:

DELRAY BEACH An video that has been viewed more than 120,000 times on Youtube features an exchange between Delray Beach police officers and an unidentified male who previously filmed the police cars running a stop sign in front of department headquarters.

The officers repeatedly told the man that they were not going to interfere with his right of filming police vehicles but were looking into a suspicious incident.

This 20-minute video was recorded Nov. 30, and was posted two weeks earlier.

On Atlantic Avenue east of Interstate 95, the man’s dark pickup was parked in front police department. He pointed his camera at an exit at the west side of the lot, and videoed several police

According to a statement by the department, Delray Beach Police Chief Jeff Goldman asked his officers to stop at the sign.

After an officer deemed the incident suspicious, the man identified himself as the husband of a Delray Beach Police Department employee for three years.

Two officers quickly approached the pickup, and they inquired why it was parked in the lot marked with signs reserved for police business.

The man claimed he was waiting for his wife to be picked up. He then refused to roll down his window, identify him to officers, or share any additional details.

Consider all the things that are happening in our society today, a uniformed officer said to the man at 13 minutes into the video.

He tells officers repeatedly that he believes they are only questioning him because of the video he took of officers stopping at stop signs.

Goldman issued the following statement Wednesday to respond to the situation:

Any law enforcement officer who responds to a call from a suspect would do the same. Every day, law enforcement officers deal with people who are not known and have unknown motives. They must assess the situation and determine if the individuals are a threat to the public. They were successful in this instance, and the encounter was peacefully ended.

A Facebook Delray RAW group has posted an article that refers to the video. This closed group, which has more than 14,000 members, allows for discussion and posting of community news. Mixed reactions have been received to the post, including condemnation of Delray Beach Police’s response and a rebuke from others about the man who posted the video.

The incident was not reported to police and the identity of the man is not disclosed in the video.