Man arrested for having 97 heroin capsules hidden inside his buttocks

PBPO News:

According to an arrest report, a 22-year old man tried to conceal 97 heroin pills under his skin when Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office officers conducted a traffic stop.

Charlymagne Cherry, 29, and Kenneth Chastine (29), are facing charges of heroin trafficking and drug possession. After posting $25,000 bail, Chastine was released by the Palm Beach County Jail. Cherry is still in jail, with a bail of $60,000.

Deputies observed two vehicles parked side-by-side on the 2400 block North Dixie Highway just north of 10th Avenue North. They were apparently engaged in a drug deal. One vehicle drove away.

The deputies approached the vehicle and observed Chastine raise his buttocks from his seat to hand Cherry an item. According to the report, Cherry sat down again after Cherry had placed the unknown item in his pants.

After the men had been removed from the vehicle and laid on the ground, deputies reported that they could smell burned marijuana.

A deputy reported that he found a bag containing 97 heroin capsules clenched between Cherry and her buttocks. According to the report, the heroin weighed in at 15 grams.

According to the report, investigators found cocaine residue in the vehicle as well as a plastic bag containing marijuana. They also found $2,360 cash. The money ranged from $100 bills up to $2 bills.