Russian oligarch responds to Trump airport connection

PBPO News:

Dmitry Rybolovlev, a Russian oligarch, confirmed that his plane and President Donald Trump shared the Charlotte tarmac five days prior to the general election. He said that he was there for business reasons.

Rybolovlev also reiterated that he had never met the Republican billionaire, despite having purchased the Maison de L’Amitie Palm beach mansion nine years ago from him.

Sergey Chernitsyn was an adviser to Dmitry Rybolovlev. “He was visiting North Carolina for business meetings and we can confirm that he had no contact with Mr. Trump nor any of his advisers during this time.”

After The Palm Beach Post reported Friday more details about Rybolovlev’s 2008 purchase of a Palm Beach estate from Trump for $95million, Chernitsyn released a statement. This was the highest price paid at that time for a Palm Beach property.

Rybolovlev was a former fertilizer mogul and never lived in the 62,000-foot mansion. It has been demolished and divided into three parcels. One of them recently sold for $34million.

After conceding that Russia was trying to influence the U.S. presidential elections, Trump has maintained his stance that he has no relations to Russia. In January, Trump tweeted, “I HAVE NOTHING to do with Russia – NO DEALS. NO LOANS. NO NOTHING!” He has repeatedly denigrated any news reporting about Russia and his campaign as fake news.

After lying to the vice president about his meetings in Moscow with Sergey I. Kislyak, Gen. Michael Flynn quit as National Security Advisor in February.

Dmitry Rybolovlev

After news reports about his failure to inform Congress during his confirmation hearing regarding two meetings with Kislyak, Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to recuse himself from any investigation into Russia.

Rumours that Trump was in touch with Rybolovlev were fueled by FAA records showing that the A319 grey-and white jet of the oligarch landed in Charlotte as Trump was about to visit the area for a Concord rally on Nov. 3.

Trump’s plane arrived at Charlotte Douglas International Airport approximately 90 minutes after Rybolovlev.

McClatchy News Services reported that Concord’s limousine companies and luxury hotels didn’t record Rybolovlev being transported by them. However, Rybolovlev’s arrival certainly made an impact.

McClatchy was told by Mike Dockery, Concord Air Center president. It looks like a sheik’s airplane,” Dockery stated. He also said that the plane did fuel up and that his son saw a man take off on a golf cart from the oligarch’s aircraft.

Anna-Catherine Sendikoski saw Rybolovlev’s blue-and–grey plane at the airport. Trump’s aircraft arrived 20 minutes later. McClatchy was told by Sendikoski that it seemed suspicious to her.

Trump Administration called the Concord question “ridiculous”, and denied that any Trump family member or campaign official met Rybolovlev.

According to the White House, “This is pretty rich for a press corps so obsessed by evidence, proof, and feigning disgust at any hint of conspiracy,” Business Insider reported.

According to FAA records the plane was also in Las Vegas on October 30th when Trump made an appearance at a nearby rally.

A second juxtaposition between Trump and Rybolovlev happened last month, when Rybolovlev’s plane touched down at Miami International Airport while Trump was in Mar-a-lago, Palm Beach, entertaining Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister.

“Mr. Chernitsyn stated that Rybolovlev is a frequent traveler to many destinations, including the U.S. This was pure coincidence if Mr. Rybolovlev was ever physically present in the same place at any given time as Mr. Trump.”

Chernitsyn said Friday to The Post that reports using circumstantial evidence in support of a relationship between Rybolovlev, Trump, are purely speculation.

He stated that “none of these theories is based on fact.” “Mr. Rybolovlev has never met Donald Trump personally and has no connections whatsoever to him or his team.

According to county records Rybolovlev purchased the Palm Beach property at a lower cost through an entity called County Road Property LLC. The property was eventually transferred into a family trust.

Chernitsyn stated that there is every chance that the investment will be profitable. “During the entire process of buying the trust, Mr. Rybolovlev did not have any personal contact with Donald Trump.

According to public records, County Road Property LLC purchased the property. Rybolovlev stated that the acquisition was an investment made by one of the companies in my interest.

Later, the property was transferred into a trust for the family.