West Palm woman saying goodbye to man when she was murdered

PBPO News:

According to an arrest report, a 21-year old woman was about to leave the area and say goodbye to her ex-roommate. The man inexplicably stabbed it repeatedly in West Palm Beach.

Randy Herman Jr. (24 years old) is currently being held at the Palm Beach County Jail without bond in connection to Brooke Preston’s murder.

According to the report, Preston and Herman were roommates at the 813 Sarazen Drive home. Preston, who had just moved out, was planning to return to Pennsylvania where she grew-up.

According to the report, Preston visited Herman’s home on Sunday morning to say goodbye. Preston hugged Herman, who was also from Pennsylvania. Then, Preston gave her a T-shirt as a memorial to a friend who had passed away.

According to the report, Herman allegedly attacked Preston with a hunting knife. Preston was also stabbed in the back, throat, and abdomen. According to the report, she also sustained defensive cuts to her left arm.

“Herman said that all he remembered after giving Preston the T shirt was blood,” a PBSO officer wrote in the arrest report.

Herman drove Preston’s car to Haverhill Park about a half mile away. He then called 911.

Herman said to the dispatcher, “Someone has been murdered.” “I’m at Haverhill Park. Send the police. It was me. I’m sorry.”

Preston’s friend told PBSO that Preston had spent Friday night with Herman, but she left because Herman was acting strangely and was drunk. Preston said to her friend that she was uncomfortable spending the night with Herman.

Preston went to breakfast with a friend and returned the next morning at 7:30 AM to retrieve the belongings she left behind at her home. According to the report, she went to breakfast with her friend and then dropped off the other person before returning to Herman’s house for the final goodbye.

Herman called 911 at 9:04 AM.

The report stated that Herman sent his mother a text message while waiting for the deputies to arrive at her home. He said that he loved her and was looking forward to seeing her again. Herman told deputies that he was sorry for the hurt he had suffered and urged them to visit his house.

Herman was covered with blood and had suffered a cut between his thumb and pointer finger. This was consistent with Herman’s hand sliding on a wet, presumably bloody knife.

Authorities also found several scratches on Harmon’s chest.

Herman wept and apologized many times during questioning. The report stated that Herman told detectives that Preston and he were the only ones present in the house, so it was likely that he did it.

Neighbors claimed that Preston and Herman were not romantically related. The arrest report does not indicate that the two were more than friends. Pennsylvania’s television station reported that Preston and Herman went to high school together.

According to media reports, Randy Herman Sr. was charged with murdering Herman’s girlfriend in Luzerne, Pa. on February 11, 2015.

Gail Monahan (50) was found dead in her home with Herman Sr. (53).

Two months later, Herman Sr. was discovered dead in a pickup truck in Alabama. This happened as law enforcement closed in. Authorities determined that Herman Sr. was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.