43 Beautiful Purple Hair Color Ideas for Women in 2022

The purple hair color has become increasingly popular in modern fashion circles. In this post, we will journey through the best purple hair design trends for 2022. Without further ado, here are our top purple hair color ideas:

Black and Purple Hair

Purple and black

Black and purple hair has been two of the most popular and trending hair colors nowadays.

The combination of black and purple produces a subtle and beautiful hair color. There are many different ways to pull off purple and black hair, and it can be done with any hair length or texture. The synergy of the black and purple colors is adventurous and bold, while still stylish and elegant.

This hairstyle is fully customizable. You may choose to use one black and one purple color, or decide to go for something more unconventional, using many tones and hues to create something truly special. The contrast between black and purple can be as subtle or as striking as you need it to be, making black and purple a great choice to begin this list.

Purple Highlights

Purple highlights on black hair

Similar to the original black and purple hairstyle, dark black hair with purple highlights can create a unique and stylish look.

The highlights can be worn with your natural hair color and purple highlights go well with both brown and blonde hair as well.

These brilliant purple highlights are perfect if you’re not ready to fully commit to an entire style yet.

Hair with purple highlights can be either bold or subtle. Hair colors and highlights each have their nuances depending on how you want to express yourself. Purple hair highlights are an easy way to add an extra dimension to your natural hair color.

Plum Dark Purple

Plum dark purple hair

The plum color is a cool-toned purple best suited for dark purple hair tones. This particular shade will look fantastic if you want a color that stands out without being too harsh!

Plum purple is a beautiful, relaxing shade of purple that can add some flair to your hair. It is an excellent option for women with black hair, as well as those with brown or red hair. Dark purple hair always looks great, and plum purple is no exception.

Pastel Purple

Pastel purple hair

Pastel is one of the best light purple hair colors. This playful style offers a unique, vibrant hue, dancing between lavender, soft lilac, and even grey and purple shades.

Pastel hair colors are most commonly associated with the spring and summer months. The delicate, soft hues resemble the colors of spring flowers, which is why they make such an excellent choice for warmer weather. Many people also associate pastel hair with youthfulness and a carefree attitude, which can be perfect for summertime fun.

Violet Hair

Violet Hair Color

Violet is a color between blue and red. Mixing these two bold colors together can create an appealing and eye-catching visual.

If you want to give your hair a unique and beautiful color, give the violet purple color a try!

Light Purple

Light purple hair

Light purple is one of the best alternatives to pale pink if you’re looking for a feminine and cute hair color. Light purple is also a great way to make a drastic change without committing to a fierce neon or pastel color!

Dark Purple Hair

Dark purple hair

A dark purple hue will enhance your facial features and define your face. The darker purple also works well with warm tones, so it pairs well with golden or brown hair tones.

Dark purple hairstyles can add a lot to your look without standing out too much.
If you’re looking for something more neutral, try using a light purple such as lavender or lilac.

Dark purple looks great on people with darker skin tones as well. And don’t worry, if you have light skin and red hair, you can rock this same style! Dark purple just looks that good on anyone.

Blue and Purple Hair

Blue and purple gradient hair

Blue and purple are beautiful colors, but their combination can be even better. If you’re going to use purple, why not go all the way and add some other colors?

You can even add some additional blue highlights to make your blue and purple hair pop! If you have long hair, add some purple streaks of different widths. Some dark purple stripes will give your hair a vibrant and captivating appeal.

A purple balayage effect is another way to incorporate the two hues into your look without being too “in your face.” The best part is that there’s no wrong way to do this—you can mix and match colors with purple any way you’d like!

Purple Balayage

Purple balayage hair

Balayage could be the answer if you’re looking for a new way to wear your purple. Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep.” It is a hair coloring technique where colorists use brushes to put highlights in your hair.

Balayage gives you a graduated color effect. A purple balayage is very eye-catching and unique, demonstrating how versatile purple can be!

Purple Ombré

Dark purple ombré hair

If you’re looking for a bold new look that’s not quite as drastic as dying your hair a bright color, consider going with a purple ombré hairstyle.

If you’re looking for purple hairstyles that look extra dramatic, ask your stylist for highlights that are much darker than the base color!

Purple Curly Hair

Curly hair dyed purple

Curly hair is everywhere nowadays, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s a unique style that needs its own particular sort of care.

While it may be hard to decide which hair color to try, we recommend you opt for anything a pretty purple. Embrace your curls, embrace purple, and show off your style!

Purple Red Hair Color

Purple and red hair

Red and purple are two of women’s most popular hair colors in 2022.

Together, red and purple can be subtle or bold— depending on how much you want to show off your style. If you’re going for a subtle look, try some burgundy or subtle purple highlights mixed with your natural color. If you want a bold look, go all out with bright purple and red! These two bright hues would make you stand out at any concert.

Dusty Purple

Dusty purple hair

Dusty purple is a gorgeous shade of purple that works well with dark hair. If you’re looking for a soft, feminine look or want to give your face an edgy twist, dusting up your hue will be a perfect choice!

The best part? Dusty purple is a very low-maintenance purple hair color. Dusty purple tones will bring out the richness in every person’s hair color, from light to dark.

Purple Hair with Bangs

Woman with purple hair bangs

This look is all about color, but with bangs. You can’t be afraid to make a statement. The purple can be toned down easily by wearing your hair in a low ponytail or bun, which can soften the impact of this mold-breaking hairstyle.

Lavender Purple

Lavender purple hair

Lavender is a mixture of both pink and purple. The fusion results in a soft, romantic feeling color that can be an excellent fit for anyone wanting something new without grabbing too much attention.

Lilac Purple Hair

Lilac purple hair

Suppose you’re looking for a fun, temporary color change that’s still stylish and eye-catching. In that case, lilac locks are an excellent option.

The lilac-purple hairstyle is about brightening your look—but not too much. A lilac purple hair dye is perfect for the girl who likes to be in on the latest trend without making a significant time commitment or spending a lot of money on her hair.

Platinum Purple Hair

Platinum purple hair

In the early 2000s, two hair colors were all the rage. If you’re looking for a slightly more icy look, Platinum Purple is an ideal choice.

Platinum purple hair colors combine these things to help you achieve that retro vibe without using other products! Platinum is also highly versatile, working well with any skin tone.

Silver Purple

Silver Purple Hair

If you want to add some color to your hair but aren’t quite ready for an all-over purple look, consider the purple and silver combination.

Sometimes it’s best to go with silver or purple streaks before going all-in with a new color! Tons of toners are available for every shade imaginable, so why not try one?

Rose Gold and Purple

Rose gold and purple hair

Two colors that are an excellent combination for a soft and feminine look. The rose gold hair is a perfect base for a beautiful purple. This look can work in any season, but it’s ideal for summer when you wear your hair down.

Pink and Purple

Pink and purple hair

Pink and purple are two colors that always go well together. The most common way to combine them is by using a purple base with pink highlights, but you can also use purple highlights. Pink and purple hairstyles are always cute, bold, and full of attitude.

Another option for this color combination is to dye the ends of your hair purple and leave the rest of it the same color. This will create a mix between both colors. If you want to go even further with this idea, consider dying the tips of your hair to another color, like red or blue, to stand out even more.

Purple Underlayer Hair Color

Purple underlayer for a blonde hairstyle

This blonde and purple underlayer hairstyle is a great way to add a pop of color to your style without committing all the way to this bold shade. Since you only have to dye your bottom layer, there’s less risk involved if you’re not sure you’ll like it!

Purple Sunset Hair Color

Sunset red and purple hair

For a bold and bright look, try the purple sunset hairstyle. You could also go with an alternative style to what is shown here, such as purple hair with orange and yellow highlights.

If you happen to be a big fan of pink, try the same color scheme but with pink instead of orange and yellow. This is an excellent example of how you can add some more color to your look without making it too loud.

Amethyst Purple Hair

Amethyst purple hair

Amethyst is a dark purple that combines violet and blue. It’s a good choice for those who want to achieve a dark purple hair color but don’t want an overly bright shade of it.

If you want to switch up your appearance without resorting to dramatic makeup, consider an amethyst purple hair dye! Amethyst purple hair can be described as “the perfect balance between violet and lilac tones.” It’s also known as “dark lavender.”

Blonde and Purple

Blonde hair with purple hightlights

Purple and blonde hair creates a unique blend of bright purple hair, making it stand out in a crowd of other colors. If done with light enough purple highlights, this will add a stunning dimension to blonde hair!

Galaxy Blue and Purple Hair

Galaxy blue and purple hairstyle

Purple galaxy hair is all the rage right now, and for a good reason! This galaxy hair color is not only absolutely gorgeous, but it’s also easy to achieve. Transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary with vibrant purple and blue hair that will have people doing a double take. This style also looks great with short hair as well!

Mermaid Purple Ombré Hair

Purple mermaid ombre hair style

This fancy colorscheme will make you look like a princess of the sea. Purple is an excellent color for mermaids because it’s bright, fun, and magical. It’s also romantic, making anyone feel like they’re living their best life!

Purple and Green

Purple and green hair

In the fall season, green is associated with the color of tree leaves. Purple is also an autumnal color in its own right, representing the end of summer and the beginning of autumn in some cultures. When these two colors fuse together, they look beautiful and complement each other.

Grey Purple Hair

Grey purple hair

By mixing dark purple dye with ash tones, we get a bold color choice of grey-purple. If you are unsure about taking the plunge into such bold color, experiment with a few strands before committing. The reward will be a beautifully subtle effect that will complement your skin and make you look like royalty.

Royal Purple Hair

Royal purple hair color

Royal purple hair is a mix of red and violet. It’s a super-saturated color that results from adding a lot of red dye to your hair. If royal purple gives you flashbacks to your high school cheerleading uniform, pair royal purple hair dye with a muted color like brown or gray for better results!

Ash Purple

Ash purple hair color

If you’re looking for a new hair color that’s both unique and stylish, consider Ash Purple. This shade is a mix of purple and gray, giving it a trendy yet sophisticated look. This fashion-forward color is perfect for those always looking for something new.

Midnight Purple Hair

Midnight purple hair color

Midnight is the perfect name for this deep purple tone. It has a dark blue hue, making it a great alternative to black hair dye.

Midnight Purple can be just as edgy but still more subtle than true darkness. The effect is super-romantic and feminine, perfect for dates or nights out with friends! This color looks best with long hair that falls over your shoulders and creates a frame around your face.

It’s also popular to combine a silver color with your midnight purple hair dye to achieve a unique and trendy look. The silver hair color will brighten up your complexion and the purple hue will add a touch of mystery and depth.

Neon Purple Hair

Neon purple hair style

Neon hair is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a way to add some fun and show off your personality. Neon purple is bold, flashy, and sure to get noticed when you walk into the room.
If you want to look different than most people, neon hair dye will do that for you. Another option for neon hair involves a neon green and purple gradient. Neon hair colors are more daring than other colors.

Periwinkle Hair


Periwinkle is a stunning, light purple. This ethereal light blue and purple hair dye is the perfect style for some fun and flair. The delicate hue goes with anything. Among other light coloring options such as blonde and brunette, it really does stand out!

Smokey Purple Hair

Smokey Purple

Want to try something new but don’t want to go too far in one color? Dark smokey purple hair dye colors like this one are perfect for easing into a new color without going over the edge.

The Smokey Purple look comes about from either lowlights or highlights, depending on how much work you’re willing to put in yourself! All it takes is some purple shampoo (and some bleach) if you want your smokey style to be lighter and brighter than most natural shades of purple.

Pixie Short Purple Hairstyle

Purple pixie hairstyle

The pixie is a beloved short haircut for many reasons. A pixie cut is easy to maintain, versatile, and flattering. If you want to try something new, rocking short purple hair with a pixie or bob cut is a great choice!

Short hair suits all face types and can be styled in many ways. Whether you prefer long bangs or long layers—or anything in between.

To get this look, you will need some styling products, such as hairspray or gel. You can use curling irons or blow dryers, but many people choose not to because they don’t want their hair to be so flat.

Auburn Purple Hair

Auburn purple hair color

Auburn purple is an elegant mixture of red and violet. It’s a popular color for many women who want to go from red to purple with their hair. This could be your best option if you’re looking for something new!

Indigo Purple

Indigo purple hair color

Indigo purple is a rich, deep purple. This glowing purple hair color has a reputation for being bold and dramatic. An indigo purple hairstyle is not for the faint of heart—the most daring makeup looks are often paired with this shade for maximum impact! It is one of the most popular shades in this category.

If you want to make an impression, consider giving indigo purple a try on your next visit to your favorite salon or barbershop.

Maroon Purple Hair

Maroon purple hair color

Maroon is a dark shade of purple that’s both warm and brilliant. Maroon makes an incredible hair color and is an excellent choice for fall and winter since it won’t fade as fast as other shades.

Orange and Purple Hair

Orange and purple hair color

Combining orange with your favorite purple hue is sure to create a unique and eye-catching hairstyle. The beauty of this style is that orange matches any shade of purple—from light lilac to dark amethyst.

Purple and Yellow Hair

Purple and yellow hair

Yellow and purple are complementary colors, meaning they’re opposite each other on the color wheel. These two hues are known to produce a happy, optimistic feeling.

The combination is versatile—it works well with other bright colors like red and orange, and it’s not as overpowering as either.

You’ll need to start with yellow as your base color for this hairstyle. Once you have the yellow in place, you can add the other colors.

For this style to work, the colors must be well-balanced. Too much yellow will make it look like a lemon, while too much purple will make it look like grape juice. The key is to find a happy medium between the two.

Faded Purple Hair

Faded purple hairstyle

You can fade your purple in a variety of ways. You can go with a natural fade, or you can choose to highlight the new color with your existing hair color. It’s up to you how much of your natural shade remains after the dye job.

To keep faded purple looking good, you should use gradual steps to avoid harsh lines between colors. Treat it like a typical purple dye job, except this will be more vivid than if you went from light to dark.

Turquoise Purple Hair

Turquoise and purple hair

Purple and turquoise are a great combination of colors. Turquoise is a great color to use when you want to add some pop of color to your hair, whether it’s just one streak or the whole thing. This is also a good look if you have curly hair and want something different from what people expect from purple-haired women.

Purple Magenta Hair

Copple magenta hair color

Purple magenta is a vibrant purple color made famous by celebrities and influencers like Kylie Jenner. This style combines the intense red of magenta with the purple hue of sable. It’s a bold hair color but also beautiful when successful. The best part about this shade is that it looks good year-round!

Make a Purple Hair Color Part of Your Look Today!

We hope you enjoyed our list of purple hair ideas. There are so many shades of purple—from the darkest deep purple to the prettiest pastel purple hair colors—and they can all look great on anyone!

Whether you’re a natural brunette or blonde, purple is a great color to try. It’s not overpowering but will still make you stand out from the crowd. If you want to add a splash of color to your look, consider trying one of these beautiful purple hair color ideas for 2022.

If you’re still not sure which one is right for you, talk to your stylist and let them help guide the decision. There’s no better way to find a style than by talking it through with someone who knows their stuff.


Which purple hair colors are trending?

There are many popular purple hair colors, but some notable trending shades include lavender, grape, magenta, and violet. There are also lighter shades of purple like lilac or periwinkle. Dark purple colors like eggplant and plum color are popular as well.

How to dye your hair purple?

The most common way is to use purple hair dye. This will give your hair a subtle tint of purple and can be easily done at home.
If you want a more intense purple color, you can also try applying some purple toning shampoo or conditioner.

How long will the dye take to turn my hair purple?

Depending on the formula of the dye and the condition of your hair, it can take anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour to achieve your finished look. Lighter shades will generally take longer to develop than darker shades.

How long should I leave the dye on for purple hair?

Generally, you should leave the dye on for a minimum of thirty minutes.

What color does purple hair fade to?

As time goes on, your purple hair dye will start to fade to a lighter purple. Purple hair will fade to different shades, depending on the individual’s natural hair color and how often their hair is dyed. Depending on your hair’s natural color and how often you dye it, your hair will either fade to either a light blonde or a light brown, likely a mix of the two. After some time, the natural color of your hair will begin to show through.

How long will my purple hair color last?

Purple hair dye can typically last anywhere from 4 to 5 washes or between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair and what shampoo you use.

What color can I put over purple hair?

There are many colors that can be put over purple hair, depending on the shade of purple. If you have a light purple, you might want to try a white or silver-toned color. For dark purple, you could try black, brown, or even red. there’s really no limit! Experiment and see what works best for you!